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Zhejiang Zhonglan Refrigeration Technology Co Ltd is an industrial company which is professionally engaged in refrigerants R D manufacturing and sales We have 3 manufacturing base 1 R D center The main products are R134a R22 4 series 5 series R600a R290 etc and the environmental protection refrigerants 80 products are exported to abroad Our factories passed ISO9001 2008 ISO14001 2004 and TS16949 2009 With scientific enterprise development advanced production technology solid technical assistance overall quality assurance excellent sales team UISZL brand wins better and better reputation in the domestic and overseas market and the turnover is higher and higher We not only provide high...

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HFC Refrigerant Gas

HCFC Refrigerant Gas

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R32HfcHvacR134aR600amapp gasHfc-134aHfc R134aHELIUM GASPure R421aHFC-32 GasWelding GasBrazing GasR422D FreonBALLOON GASR407C FreonDOT Can 750gCassette GasR290 PropaneNew Gas HC-22Freon Gas R22HFC Blend GasR134A DOT CanFreon Gas R32R125 ISO TANKF-22 Freon 22R290 ISO TANKHome Hvac GasSoldering GasFreon R22 HVACR410A MAPP CANSmall Can R134AR134a Small Canr290 propertiesIsobutane R600aMethyl ChlorideR22 HVAC SystemR32 RefrigerantRefrigerant GasR134a Ac SystemHFC Blend R407CR22 RefregerantMixed Gas R410aRefrigerant R507Methane ChlorideCamping Cook GasRefrigerant R1253 Piece Can 300gR-22 R22 HCFC-22R410a CE CylinderCooling Gas R134aFreon for Home AcR421a RefrigerantR407C RefrigerantR134A AlternativeR142B RefrigerantFreon Quality R22R404a CE CylinderOzone Layer R407cR410A RefrigerantR404A RefrigerantR507 Retrofit GasNew Gas HFC R410aR141B RefrigerantR134A High PurityHEC-134A 300G CanChemical MaterialHydrocarbon Gas 22R404A Small Can 2pHigh Quality R142BReplacement Of R22R407C Replace R502Freon R22 HVAC COAHotpot Cooking GasHigh Quality R410aR22 Retrofit R407cHigh Quality R600AGood Quality R406aA/C Retrofit R422DHigh Purity LiquidSpecial Butane GasMethylene ChlorideBalloon Gas HeliumBALLOON HELIUM GASR22 Refrigerant GasOutdoor Cooking GasR22 Replacement GasR12 Replacement GasNew Refrigerant GasR32 Refrigerant GasFreon RefrigerationRefrigerant Gas R40Refrigerant Gas R22Substitute for R407R-134a CE CylindersR134A 340g DOT CANSRefrigerant Gas COAODS Refrigerant GasR134a Ac System CanRefriegrant Gas R22Car Refrigerant GasRefrigerant Gas R32Hfc R134a Small CanHFC Refrigerant GasReplacement for R22R410a Europe MarketHigh Purity R22 CanSmall Can R410A GASFoaming Agent MediaAlternative Gas R22Methylene DichlorideR507 Replacement GasR134a Small Can 300gR125 Refrigerant GasR134a With Small CanR507 Refrigerant GasAutomotive Gas R134aR141B Flushing AgentRefrigerant Gas R290Substitute for R134aR22 Refrigerant 30LbHigh Quality R32 GasR290 Refrigerant GasReplacement for R-22Refrigerant Gas R507Retrofit Gas for R22HCFC Refrigerant GasNeutral Packing R290High Quality Gas R22Refrigerant Gasr142BReplacement for R-12R410 Refrigerant GasHFC-134a CE CylinderUISZL Balloon HeliumReplacement for R502Refrigerant Gas R125Propane RefrigerantsPure Refrigerants R22R32 Refrigerant PriceAzeotropic Agent R507Refrigerant Gas R134aPortable Cassette GasHydrocarbon Gas R134AOzone Layer Gas R410aHigh Quality Mapp GasFreon Refrigerant GasRefrigerant Gas R600aMixed Refrigerant GasBlend Refrigerant GasRefrigerant Gas R407CHydrocarbon Gas R134aAC Refrigerant in CarA/C Hcfc Refrigerantsr22 refrigerant priceEurope Cylinder R134aR134A Replacement GasR410a R22 ReplacementGas Refrigerant R141BR134A Alternative GasRefrigerant Gas R421aR600a Refrigerant GasHFC Refrigerant R404aHigh Quality MAPP GASReplacement for HCFCsHigh Purity R404a COAR134a Refrigerant GasR12 Replacement R406AR406A Replacement GasR12 Replacement R134aR417A Replacement GasR406A Refrigerant GasR407C Refrigerant GasRefrigerant Gas R134AR600A Refrigerant GasR600A Refrigerant PiceHigh Quality R417A GasAC Refrigerant Gas COAFreon R507 RefrigerantR290 Refrigerant PriceSubstitute for HCFC-22Refrigerant Gas MediumReplacement Of R22 GasHigh Quality R404A GasChemical ChloromethaneHigh Quality R410A GasClean and Low ToxicitySubstitute for R22 GasHigh Quality HFC-R134AR404a Retrofit Old R22HFC Refrigerant BlendsHigh Purity Helium GasHelium For Balloon KitFlammable RefrigerantsEurope Refrigerant GasDichloromethane SolventR410a R22 A/C EquipmentR417A Refrigerant PriceR12 Alternative Gas R22High Quality Butane GasR22 SMALL CAN WITH 900GDisposal Cylinder R410AR22 Retrofits HFC R407CHelium Gas For BalloonsPicnic Cassette CookersHigh Quality DCM Ch2cl2Substitute For Hfc-134AR134a Replacement R406aR507 Europe CE CylinderHFC-134A 3.4KG CylinderODS Refrigerant Gas COAIncombustible GAS R410AHelium Gas Balloons KitR22 NEW REPLACEMENT GASMixed Refrigerants R5072.8KG Disposal CylinderHot Sell Balloon HeliumButane Gas Flamming GasHigh Quality Brazing GasHigh Quality Welding GasSmall Can with DOT R134ar22 refrigerant for saleLow GWP R32 RefrigerantsIsobutane R600A 400g CanR22 GAS WITH 340G 2P CANFreon Refrigerants R134aBalloon Helium Canistersr32 refrigerant vs r410aPopular Gas R134a 13.6KGHCFC-R22 Refrigerant GasPropane Refrigerant R290Freezing Refrigerant GasHCFC R22 High Purity GasR12 REPLACEMENT OF R134AR404a Europe CE CylinderSubstitute for R134a GasRefrigerant Gas HOT SELLR134a with 30lb CylinderOriginal Isobutane R600aR134A Auto AC RefrigerantSUVA HP62 Refrigerant GasR134a Replacement HC-134AHfc R417a Refrigerant GasRefrigerant Gas R134a R12R134a Can A/C RefrigerantA/C Refrigerant R134a DOTWelding Torch Hot Air GunHydro Fluoro Carbon R134aHcfc-141b Refrigerant GasR12 Retrofitted HFC R407CR407C Disposable CylinderHigh Purity ChloromethaneFluido Refrigerante R141BR22 Replacement HFC R410AR407C New R22 ReplacementR141B Cleanser and FoamerFluido Refrigerante R141bRefrigerant Gas R134A DOTAuto R134A Ac RefrigerantAuto R134a AC RefrigerantIsobutane R600A Small CanAir Condition Clean AgentNew Refrigerant Gas R417aMethylene Chloride SolventRefrigerants R22 Small CanHCC 40 Gas Methyl ChlorideHFC R32 New Refrierant GasIso-butane R600a Gas 6.5kgA/C HCFCs Refrigerants COAR404A Used in Cold StorageGreen Gas R507 CE CylinderR22 Refrigerant EplacementR22 Dot Can USA Market COAAlternatives to Halon R125Mixed Refrigerant Gas R507High Quality R134a Can Gas99.99% Chloromethane CH3CLFor Heat Pump Water HeaterMainstream Refrigerant GasR-502 and R-22 ReplacementHFC Family of RefrigerantsBlend Refrigerant Gas R410AR410 Europe Refrigerant GasBlend Refrigerant Gas R404ABlend Refrigerant Gas R406AR22 REFRIGERANT GAS PopularMixed Refrigerant Gas R421aReusable Cylinder PackagingHelium Balloons Comedy ClubMixed Refrigerant Gas R410ABlend Refrigerant Gas R407COld Refrigerant ReplacementR404A Blend Refrigerant GasHydrocarbon Refrigerant GASMixed Refrigerant Gas R417AMixed Refrigerant Gas R407CGood Quality Balloon HeliumR134a Refrigerant Gas 30 LBFlammable Refrigerants R290Freon Refrigerant Gas R134aHigh Purity Refrigerant R32Colorless Transparent R407cMixed Refrigerant Gas R406AMixture HFC R407C Small CanMixed Refrigerant Gas R404aHigh Pressure Can for R410aHfc R507 Replacement R22 GASReplacement for R12 and R502R12 Alternative HCFC Gas R22R290 Refrigerant ReplacementR404a Europe Refrigerant GasIndustry Gas R32 RefrigerantAlternative Refrigerant R125High Quality Isobutane R600aFlammable Refrigerants R600aHigh Quality Refrigerant GasHCFC-R22 Refrigerant Gas COAAutomotive Refrigerant R134aNo Damage to The Ozone LayerCoolant Refrigerant Gas R507High Quality DichloromethaneMixed Rrefrigerant Gas R407CMixed Refrigerants R404a COARefrigerant Gas R22 ISO TANKHydrocarbons Refrigerant GasR134a with Small Cans 300g 3pNew Energy-saving RefrigerantEffective Substitute for R-12Industrial Chemical MaterialsReplacement Refrigerant R422DInstead of R12 As RefrigerantBlended Refrigerant Gas R407CMixture Gas R410A Replace R22Disposable Cylinder PackagingAlternative Refrigerant R142BR600A Refrigerant ReplacementChloromethane Methyl ChlorideHigh Quality Refrigerants R22Blended Refrigerant Gas R404aFire Extinguishing Agent R125R134a Refrigerant Gas For CarR134A GAS Disposable CylinderHigh Quality Refrigerant R507Field Picnic Cassette CookersHigh Quality Welding Mapp GasEnvironmental Refrigerants GasHc-22A Hydrocarbon RefrigerantGood Energy Saving PerformanceHigh Quality R142b RefrigerantNo Damage Refrigerant Gas R125Disposable Cylinder 25lb R410aSubstitute for HFC-134a 1234YFHydrocarbons Refrigerant R600AMethane Chloride ChloromethaneN-butane Refrigerant Gas R600aHigh Quality R134A RefrigerantHigh Quality R421a RefrigerantHigh Purity R32 Refrigerant GasHome Used HFC Refrigerant R134ARefrigerant Gas R410a Small CanR22 Retrofitted Refrigerant GasIsobutane Refrigerant Gas R600aR22 HFC Refrigerant ReplacementR12 Retrofitted Refrigerant GasRefrigerant Gas 99.9% HFC22 R22HCFC Refrigerants R22 Small CanA Long-Term Replacement for R22Non-toxic Refrigerant Gas R134aAutomible Refrigerant Gas R134aR410a Europe Market CE CylinderReplacement for 134a RefrigerantSafety Good Refrigerant Gas R410Popular Mixed Refrigerants R404AHigh Purity Refrigerant Gas R290Honeywell Refrigerants Gas R134aBlended Refrigerant Gas OF R410aEuropen Standard Refrigerant GasMapp Welding Mapp Gas Yellow GasHome Cooling Refrigerant Gas R32Used for Portable Barbecue StoveCleaning Agent and Foaming AgentR22 Refrigerant HCFC ReplacementAutomotive Refrigerant R134a GasAlternative to R500 and R12 25LBGas for Air Condition R22 13.6KGR125 Refrigerant Calibration GasR22 GAS Used in Air ConditioningRefrigerant Gas R134a ReplacementGreen Refrigerant R22 ReplacementFlammable Refrigerants R290 R600aHigh Purity R134a Refrigerant GasR134a Refrigerant Gas AlternativeFlammable Refrigerants R290 R600APurity99.9% Refrigerant Gas R407cLong-term Alternative RefrigerantDistributor Refrigerant Gas R406aHFC Refrigerant R410A ApplicationR134A Retrofitted Refrigerant GasHFC Refrigerant for Replacing R22Auto Parts R134a Car Air-conditonLong-term Solution Instead of R22Efficient Replacement RefrigerantRefrigerant Gas R22 926L CylinderEnvironmentally Friendly Gas 25LBHigh Quality R507 Europe CylinderR134a Refrigerant Gas CE CylinderEnvironmental Refrigerant Gas R32Auto Air Conditioner Use HFC-134ARefrigerant in Mobile ConditionerHydrocarbon Refrigerant Green GasUsed for Portable Butane Gas Stove99.8% Purity Refrigerant Gas R600aA Potential Refrigerant SubstituteR-134a CE Cylinder Refrigerant GasHigh Quality Refrigerant Gas R600aAuto Air Conditioners Use HFC-134AHigh Quality Refrigerant Gas R404aHydrofluorocarbons Refrigerant GasHigh Quality Replacement Gas R404a99.9% Purity Refrigerant Gas R141bMixed Refrigerant Gas Cylinder R32R407c with Blended Refrigerant GasBalloon Helium Disposable CylinderColorless Transparent Liquid R134ARefrigerant Gas Liquid R410a R404aNo Flammable REFRIGERANT GAS R134AR22 GAS WITH NORMAL COLOR CYLINDERHigh Quality R134a Gas AlternativeHigh Quality Refrigerant Gas R406aR134A Refrigerant Gas 30LB CylinderR134A Refrigerant Gas 25LB CylinderNew Type of Hydrocarbon RefrigerantNew Energy-saving Refrigerant R417aColorless Gas Refrigerant Gas R417aMixed Refrigerant Gas R404A 500g 2pR410a Mixed Refrigerant Ce Cylinder5kg Refrigerant For Air ConditionerPure N-butane Refrigerant Gas R600aRefrigerant Gas in ISO TANK PackingDisposable Balloon Helium CanistersR507 Europe Standrd Refrigerant GasHigh Purity Refrigerant Propane R290Environmental Refrigerants Gas R407cGood Energy Saving Performance 25 LBEnvironment-friendly Refrigerant GasR404A HFC Replacement for R502 & R22Tetrafluoroethane R134a RefrigerantsHigh Quality R404a R410a RefrigerantNew Environmental Refrigerants R410AGas R410a R32 Refrigerant Best PriceR12 Alternative Refrigerant Gas R410ABlended Refrigerant Gas R404A 340g 2pHigh Quality Hfc R507 Replacement R22Household Air-conditioning System R22Eenvironmental Protection RefrigerantHigh Quality Propane Refrigerant R290Industrial Air-conditioning System R22High Puirty Dichlorofluoroethane R142BRefrigerant Gas R141b With Iron BarrelLow Temperature OF R22 Refrigerant GASFor Air Conditioning Systems Using R22Blend Refrigerant Gas R407C DisposablePropane R290 for Auto-air ConditioningHigh Quality Refrigerant Gas R404a COAHfo-1234yf Gas For Car Air ConditionerChlorodifluoromethane R22 RefrigerantsCommercial Air-conditioning System R22R22 Refrigerant Gas R600a 30lb CylinderAutomotive Air Conditioning RefrigerantResidential and Automotive RefrigerantsHydrocarbon Freon R600a 14.3LB CylinderCassette Fue Aluminium Picnic Butane GasHigh Purity Coolant Refrigerant Gas R507Hot Sell Chemical Gas Refrigerant 1234yfHigh Chemical and Thermal Stability R410New Air Conditioner Gas Refrigerant R600aEnvironmental Blend Refrigerant Gas R417AEco-friendly Refrigerant Gas Propane R290R507 REFRIGERANT GAS WITH NORMAL CYLINDERChemical Grade R125a Gas Refrigerant R125R600A Neutral Packing with Yellow CylinderR134A Refrigerant Gas with Normal CylinderHydrocarbon Refrigerants R134a ReplacementR404A Used in Food Refrigerating EquipmentRefrigerators and Freezers Refrigerant GasNon Flammable and Good Refrigeration EffectRefrigerant Gas R406a 13.6kg 30lb CylindersR22 Substitute for Business REFRIGERANT GASUsed As Refrigerant Instead of R22 and R502High Quality Chemical Gas Refrigerant 1234yfNew Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant R290R507 CE Refillable Cylinder For Europen MarketRefrigerant Gas R600A 6.5kg Disposable CylinderRefrigerant Gas R600A 14.3lb Disposable CylinderCe Cylinder Green Mixed Gaz R-507c Refrigerant GaFreezer Gas R1234yf For Air Conditioner MARKETINGMedium Temperature Environmental Refrigerant R134AWide Ranges of Applications in the Plastic Foam FieldCompatible with Traditional and New Type of Refrigerator Oil
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