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Zhejiang Zhonglan Refrigeration Technology Co Ltd is an industrial company which is professionally engaged in refrigerants R D manufacturing and sales We have 3 manufacturing base 1 R D center The main products are R134a R22 4 series 5 series R600a R290 etc and the environmental protection refrigerants 80 products are exported to abroad Our factories passed ISO9001 2008 ISO14001 2004 and TS16949 2009 With scientific enterprise development advanced production technology solid technical assistance overall quality assurance excellent sales team UISZL brand wins better and better reputation in the domestic and overseas market and the turnover is higher and higher We not only provide high...

Categories and Products

HFC Refrigerant Gas

R134A Refrigerant Gas

High Purity R134a Refrigerant Gas Small Can R134A 340g DOT CANS R134A High Purity Refrigerant Gas 1kg R134a refrigerant gas 3 piece can R134a refrigerant gas DOT can R134a refrigerant gas DOT can 750g R134A Refrigerant Gas Disposable Cylinder R134A Refrigerant Gas 30LB Cylinder Colorless transparent liquid R134A R134A Refrigerant Gas 50LB High Purity R134a Neutral Packing R134a Refrigerant Gas CE Cylinder Home Used HFC Refrigerant R134A R134a Net weight 13.6kg Auto Air Conditioner Use HFC-134A R134a with 30lb cylinder R134a Can A/C Refrigerant R134a Refrigerants Cans dot R-134a CE Cylinder Refrigerant Gas Automotive Refrigerant R134a Gas 

R404A Refrigerant Gas

Blened refrigerant gas R404A 1000g Blend Refrigerant Gas R404A R404a Europe CE Cylinder Refrigerant Gas R404a 24lb Disposable Cylinder R404A HFC Replacement for R502 & R22 Popular Mixed Refrigerants R404A High Quality Replacement Gas R404a R404A used in cold storage 

R407C Refrigerant Gas

Colorless transparent R407c refrigerant gas Mixed Refrigerant Gas R407C Disposable Cylinder Blend Refrigerant Gas R407C Disposable cylinder packaging r407 R407C New R22 Replacement R22 Retrofits HFC R407C HFC Blend Refrigerant Gas R407C Mixture HFC R407C Small Can environment-friendly refrigerant R407c 6.5KG 99.9% purity refrigerant gas r407c 

R410A Refrigerant Gas

Small Can r410A GAS Blend refrigerant gas R410A 1kg Mapp can Blend refrigerant gas R410A 2.8kg Ozone layer Gas R410a R410a Europe CE Cylinder R410a The Replacement of R22 HFC Refrigerant R410A Application R410a R22 A/C equipment R22 Replacement HFC R410A R410a Europe Market HOT SELL New environmental refrigerants R410A R404A R407C R410A R32 1KG Small Can 

R507 Refrigerant Gas

R507 REFRIGERANT GAS WITH NORMAL CYLINDER Mix Refrigerant Gas R507 R507 Europe Refrigerant Gas High Quality Refrigerant R507 High Purity Coolant Refrigerant Gas R507 R507 CE Refillable Cylinder For Europen Market high quality refrigerant gas r507 

R417A Refrigerant Gas

Environmental blend refrigerant gas R417A Energy Saving Refrigerant Gas R417A Mixed refrigerant R417A Air Condition Colorless gas refrigerant gas r417a 

R125 Refrigerant Gas

Refrigerant gas R125 Ton Cylinder ISO TANK Refrigerant Gas R125 Extinguishing Agent 

R32 Refrigerant Gas

R32 Refrigerant Gas Hot Sell R32 Refrigerant Gas Neutral Packing HFC R32 New Refrierant Gas Home Cooling Refrigerant Gas R32 refrigerant gas r32 Hot sell 


best sell refrigerant gas r421a 

HCFC Refrigerant Gas

R22 Refrigerant Gas

High Purity R22 Refrigerant Gas Small Can COA R22 refrigerant gas DOT can COA R22 Refrigerant Gas Disposal Cylinder Low temperature R22 refrigerant GAS R22 GAS WITH NORMAL COLOR CYLINDER Refrigerant gas R22 926L cylinder Refrigerant gas R22 ISO TANK R22 Refrigerant Gas Neutral Packing R12 Alternative Gas R22 Household Air-conditioning system R22 HCFC Refrigerants R22 Small Can Refrigerant Gas 99.9% HFC22 R22 High Purity Freon R22 Refrigerant Gas R22 Refrigerant HCFC Replacement Good quality refrigerant gas r22 

R141B Refrigerant

R141B cleanser and foamer High Quality Refrigerant Gas R141b High purity liquid R141B 

R142B Refrigerant

Alternative Refrigerant R142b drum Chemical Substance Refrigerant R142b 

R406A Refrigerant Gas

Blend Refrigerant gas R406A 30lb/13.6kg Refrigerant Gas R406a 13.6kg 30lb cylinders High Quality Refrigerant Gas R406a Mixed Refrigerant Gas R406A Hybrid Refrigerant Gas R406a 25LB 

HC Refrigerant Gas

R600A Refrigerant Gas

R600A 1000G SMALL CAN Refrigerant gas R600A 6.5kg disposable cylinder R600A Neutral Packing with yellow cylinder High Quality Isobutane R600a Isobutane R600A Can DOT 99.8% Purity Refrigerant Gas R600a New Air Conditioner Gas Refrigerant R600a Refrigerant R600A for New Eco-friendly Refrigerator refrigerant gas r600a ISO TANK 

R290 Refrigerant Gas

High Quality Propane R290 5KG R290 Refrigerant Gas Cylinder High Purity Refrigerant Gas R290 Refrigerant R290 nET WEIGHT 6.5KG New environmental friendly refrigerants R290 high quality refrigerant gas r290 

HC-22 Refrigerant Gas

R22 Reusable cylinder packaging Green Refrigerant R22 Replacement 

HC-134A Refrigerant Gas

HC-134A New Refrigerant Gas R134a Replacement New Refrigerant Gas R134a Replacement 


Mapp Gas For Welding Work High Quality Welding Mapp Gas 

Cassette Gas

Cassette gas stove gas Aerosol Refill Cassette Butane Lighter Gas Portable High Purity Butane Gas balloon helium GAS HOT SELL 5kg Refrigerant R1234yf For Air Conditioner Helium Gas For Balloons 

Chemical Material


Chloromethane methyl chloride Tank BALLOON HELIUM GAS MARKETING Balloon With High Purity Helium Gas Disposable Helium Balloon Canisters 


High Quality Methylene Chloride 

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